1 in 3: Sexual Violence Pandemic

July 12 - August 29, 2019


1 in 3: Sexual Violence Pandemic addresses the unrelenting and global violence against women with an international cast of artists from the US and South Korea. Headlined by a massive 23 feet mural by American artist Leslie Labowitz Starus, 1 in 3 considers the historical sweep of this violence with works and performance addressing the Asian Comfort Women of WWII, the anti-sexual violence efforts of the 1970’s and the current #metoo movement.

Artists in 1 in 3: Sexual Violence Pandemic: Leslie Labowitz Starus and Suzanne Lacy, Han Ho, Jungbae Seo, Seoung Woo Kim (aka Moogie), Ji An Kwon (aka Solbi), Alyssa Meadows, Lee Nam Lee.

1 in 3 is curated by Ara & Anahid Oshagan with guest curator Monica Hye Yoen Jun from S. Korea and is done in collaboration with Glenn Ruga of Social Documentary Network (socialdocumentary.net).

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