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Comfort Women Resist

July 28 - September 11, 2018


Glendale’s Library, Arts and Culture Department and Glendale Sister Cities—Boeun-gun, Goeseong, Gimpo, South Korea—present Do the Right Thing: Comfort Women Resist, an exhibition showcasing the work of nine international artists and documentarians focusing on the narratives of World War II Comfort Women, reflecting on the past and current political and social context of those women sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Army.

Co-curated by Monica Hye Yeon Jun

Artists in exhibition: Jan Banning, Dokuyama Bontaro, I Hwa Hong, Hyunji Kwon, Yu Kyung Kim, Ara Oshagan, Jea Hyung Lee + Jung Min Park, Rose Camastro Pritchett.


Press Coverage


Installation Photos & Artists' Work


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