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(dis)comfort women: Sex Slaves of the Japanese Imperial Army

July 20 - Sept 3, 2017


ReflectSpace at Glendale Central Library presents Do the Right Thing: (dis)comfort women , an exhibition reflecting on the silence and dialogue by and about the women who were forced to become sex slaves by the Japanese Imperial Army before and during World War II.

The works in the exhibition invite reflection and dialogue but also create tension: between the inability to speak about personal trauma and the deep human urge to tell. Artists explore this silence and simultaneously break it. (dis)comfort women is held taut in this tension and is a vociferous presence urging the acknowledgment of the horrors, lifelong indignity and shame suffered by comfort women.

Artists in (dis)comfort women: Steve Cavallo , Yoon Jung Choi, Shon Jeung Eun, Remedios Felias, Arian Kang, Chang-Jin Lee , Melly Lym , Hong Sun Myeong, Kim Siha, Gim Deok Yeoung, Shin Chang Yong and Seo Soo-Young.

(dis)comfort women is co-curated by Monica Hye Yeon Jun.


Installation Photos & Artists' Work


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