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Erasure: Native American Genocide: A Legacy

February 15 - April 14, 2019


The legacy of the genocide of native populations by the U.S. government and early settlers “remains hidden in plain sight” according to Dr. Benjamin Madley and Erasure: Native American Genocide: A legacy at ReflectSpace Gallery brings some of that history into focus. Through the work of Native artists, the exhibit presents work sourced from personal histories and internal/external explorations of Native American identity. The artists aim to bring erasure to light through brazen political imagery, subtle constructions and work that upends ubiquitous Indian stereotypes. They take diverse and bold approaches to reclaiming and redefining their history using their own narratives.

Artists in Erasure: Gerald Clarke, Mercedes Dorame, River Garza, Pamela J. Peters, and William Wilson.

Erasure is co-curated by Pamela J. Peters and Ara & Anahid Oshagan





Artists' Works & Installation Photos


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