In Order to Control: Interactive Typographic Installation

“Everything that’s legal is not always fair. Everything that’s fair is not always legal.” The experience begins with a text addressing the threshold of ethics and morality in society. This text projected on the floor of the gallery. When the audience steps on the projected foot print to read it, their shadow is projected onto the wall in front of them. Now the interaction begins.

Project Management: Burak Gölge Art Director: Ayşegül Kantarcı Installation Design: Tevfik R. Gözlükçü Concept: Murat Can Oğuz Synopsis: Murat Can Oğuz, Ayşegül Kantarcı Translation: Begüm Avar Edited Video Sound: Amon Tobin

NOTA BENE is a multi-disciplinary studio based in Istanbul, specialized in digital experiences with the newest technology for global brands & artistic platforms by focusing on video projection mapping, interactive experiences and installations.