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Tell Me: Stories of Migration To Glendale

September 13 - November 8, 2019


ReflectSpace Gallery presents Tell Me: Stories of Migration to Glendale: an exhibit that reflects on the histories and experiences of movement into Glendale for generations, and builds a multi-dimensional portrait of the city and its residents. Supported by a major grant from California Humanities, Tell Me gathers video, images and stories from a wide spectrum of Glendale communities to present a narrative—cohesive but also at times fractured—that details how we got here as a city.

As part of the Tell Me exhibit, the Glendale Central Library is collaborating with InsideOut Project: a global art project by artist JR that transforms messages of personal identity into works of art. Dozens of portraits of Glendale residents and library patrons will adorn the library walls and windows and tell a visual and communal story of our city.

Tell Me is supported by a grant from California Humanities




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