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The Edge of the River

Online Exhibit


GIMPO GCF Homepage:

Curator : SIEUN LEE


This exchange exhibition was scheduled to be held jointly at the Gimpo Art Village Art Center and the Glendale Reflect Space, including exchanges of artists from both regions, but due to the COVID-19, it is online through the Virtual Exhibition Hall of the Gimpo Cultural Foundation and the Virtual Exhibition Hall of the Reflect Space.

The exhibition marks the beginning of a full-scale cultural and artistic exchange between the two sister cities, Gimpo and Glendale. The hope is that through the art and culture narratives of the two sister cities, the citizens of both cities will better understand each other and expand to the participation of artists who work together in 'exploration of borders and expression of human rights and peace.‘

The DMZ is a 2.5 mile wide swath that separates North and South Korea at around the 38th parallel. At its western edge is the estuary of the Han River where it flows into the waters of the Yellow Sea and where the City of Gimpo is situated. Even though the Armistice of 1953 designated the estuary as a “Neutral” or “Free” zone for commercial maritime travel, neither side has allowed this to happen. Gimpo, an ancient city with a history of maritime trade, has lost its river. In the exhibition, “Beyond the River: Free Zone-DMZ, The City that Lost the River,” several Korean artists reflect on this ephemeral and inaccessible border/river and consider how a city navigates the treacherous waters of partition.

The artists in the exhibition are: Han Ho, Lee Lee Nam, Lee Tae Soo, Kim Seung Woo & Cho Doo Young, Lee Ho Jin, and Floworks. “Beyond the River: Free Zone-DMZ, The City that Lost the River” is curated by Monica Hye Yeon Jun and Ara & Anahid Oshagan and runs December 21, 2020 -


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