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Yerevan 2800: A City's Anniversary

July 11 - 22, 2018


To celebrate the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, the City of Glendale and the Library, Arts & Culture Department in collaboration with the Yerevan Municipality Tourism Office will host a special 10-day exhibition at Glendale Central Library’s ReflectSpace and PassageWay galleries. Dating back to the 8th century BC, Yerevan is one of the world’s oldest and continuously inhabited cities. Yerevan’s undeniable mark in history and its dynamic vitality will be showcased with historic images as well as contemporary art, film and photography illustrating its place in the world as a thriving and vibrant city of the 21st century. Photographs highlighting Armenia’s recent historic Velvet Revolution taken in the streets of Yerevan will also be on view.

Artists in exhibition: Sev Black, Sophia Gasparian, Narine Isajanyan, Edmond Keshishyan, Ashot Khudaverdyan, Karen Mirzoyan and Anahid Yahjian/Emily Mkrtichian; as well as historic photographers such as Vruyr, J. Dadyants, and H. Tarverdyants;


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Installation Photos & Artists' Work


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