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Borders: Artists Consider the Armeno-Turkish Divide

March 20 - May 3, 2020


Conceptual photographers and photojournalists tackle the thorny subject of the Armeno-Turkish divide with a critical look at the aftermath of war and dislocation and its long-terms effects on people and landscape. Genocide, war, and displacement have been a constant for over 100 years in this area—starting with the Armenian Genocide of 1915-22, followed by massive population displacements through the 1930s and 1940s, and continuing today with the Armenian-Azeri conflict over Artsakh. This latest war began in 1988, paused with a ceasefire in 1994, but only 2 years ago re-ignited with a full-scale Azeri attack on Armenia. The photographers of Borders explore the human toll on this multigenerational conflict; the effects on the landscape and ecology, and whether there is hope of preserving vestiges of ancient cultures in this maelstrom of long-lasting state-sponsored violence.

Artists in the exhibition: German Avagyan, Areg Balayan, Matthew Karanian, Eric Grigorian and Scout Tufankjian and the Houshamadyan Project with Silvina Der Meguerdichian

Borders is organized in collaboration with the Armenian National Committee—Western Region. Borders is dedicated to friend and photographer German Avagyan (1962-2020) .




Artists' Work


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